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The Martyr – by Mircea Brenciu

1989-2 March Romania. On a slope of the international tourist resort Poiana Brasov, the painter Liviu Cornel Babeş was lightning himself in fire, in the sight of Romanian and foreign tourists, to protest against the inhuman regime of Ceaușescu. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Liviu Cornel Babeş is remembered only on 2nd of March each year by local anniversary events and a secondary street in Brașov that bears his name. People’s opinions, as many as there still are, are divided, some giving to the extraordinary gesture that happened in Poiana Brasov, the character of pathological manifestation. The overwhelming majority of Romanians forgot about Liviu Cornel Babe, the man that, in full communist terror, turned into a living torch to darken the torturers.

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